Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Powerful Tool For Your Blog: Sitemeter Dot Com

The first application I added to this blog was a tracking script from Sitemeter dot com. There are two different subscriptions available from Sitemeter: basic (free) and premium (paid – starting at $6.95 per month). I opted for the basic subscription at this point in time. I may opt to upgrade to premium in the future, but paying for features right now would be against my idea for this blog: starting with nothing and building a powerful source of income that covers it own related charges. One of the major tools of premium edition I’ve seen is the ability to track visitors with an invisibly. I’m sure theres some other cool things in there, but at this point I haven’t really reviewed it.

I would recommend starting out with the basic subscription either way to get a feel for how the entire system works. And don’t get me wrong, Sitemeter basic is a powerful tool you can put to use from the very beginning of your blogging ventures. Sitemeter basic provides statistics such: the total number of visitors and page views, average visits and page views per day, average visit length, average page views per visit, and the number visits and page views in the last hour, day, and week. It even shows you the geographical location of readers! One feature I find especially interesting is ability to see out-clicks of your visitors. Out-clicks are the last page viewed before a reader left your blog. How is this helpful? It allows you to see what content that turned away a reader and gives you the opportunity to fix up a post to yield better reader retention.

I recommend the addition of Sitemeter to your blog for its ease of tracking visitors. Theres more features inside, so what are you waiting for? Get it on your blog today!

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