Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Most Expensive Home In The World For Sale

I found a video of the most expensive home for sale. The house is better described as a mansion. In 50,000 square feeet you have 24 bedrooms, 23 bathrooms, 6 dining rooms, 5 marble garages, 5 swimming pools, 4 kitchens, and 3 elevators. But thats not all. One room in the house is 24 karot gold worth an estimated $400,000. Thats more than alot of homes! For entertainment inside, there is a squash court, movie theatre, and a bowling alley. For you outdoor entertainment, there is a Astroturf tennis court that doubles as a futbol pitch and horse stables. The marble driveway is even heated! And if you don't feel like traveling by car, no worries, there is area that can turned into a heliport! If you're asking yourself how much this all costs, you can't afford it. Don't worry though, this home is out the price range for most millionaires! The asking price for this magnificent home is $140 million dollars! And guess what? The money you have to shell out doesn't stop here. It costs about $2 million per year for upkeep. Check out the video and comment your thoughts about the home.

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