Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Powerful Tool For Bloggers: Google Analytics Part I: Overview

Another tool I find useful alone with my Sitemeter dot com subscription is Google Analytics. Google Analytics provides you with detailed information about the visitors coming to your blog. After taking the Sitemeter dot com tour for the premium subscription, I have found that Google Analytics offers much of the same for FREE. Like Sitemeter, you insert code onto every page you want to have analyzed and tracked.

What are these cool features?

The first piece of date you see as soon as you log into Google analytics is a bar graph that tracks your blogs visitors. I like it because you can visually see the ups and downs of visitors to your blog. Like Sitemeter dot com, you can see the number of visits, pages per visit, bounce rate, number of page views, average time on the site, and percent of new visitors. All of these are very valuable bits of information that allow you to see where you need improvement in your blog. From the dashboard screen, you can gather further information about your visitors, traffic sources, content, and information about your goals.

Google Analytics Overall:

Overall, I think Google analytics can be one of the most valuable tools to a blogger. It gives you a variety of ways to gauge the effectiveness of your blog, all for free. However it doesn’t tell you how to improve upon your site, but I guess that’s why you’re here. The site is a bit confusing at first, and takes some time to learn to navigate it. But after you get the hang of it, you’ll agree with me that its one of the most valuable tools a blogger has in his arsenal!


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